Salsa & Bachata 

Free Salsa & Bachata Group Class Dance Lessons in Western Sydney

Join us each Monday as we take you through the fast paced, high energy and ridiculously fun dances that are soon to be everybody’s favourites!

With one of Australia’s best Salsa/Bachata dancers, Adelina Abushaeva coupled with studio favourite Ryan Herbert, our drop in Salsa/Bachata classes are designed to have you up and dancing after just one lesson!

The Classes

In each Beginner class you will learn the 'basic' step, and a variation.

The Basic step can be considered the glue that holds all the other movements together. It is the one action that is considered integral to the entire dance. It is homeostasis for the lady and often provides the lead an opportunity to consider what his next move will be. Followers will always try to accomplish their basic step that is until, a lead is given.

A lead is any change or deviation to the basic step. This can come through a physical manipulation of the connection frame by the gentleman, a visual lead, or by simply communicating verbally with your partner. A lead is required for the follower to know that a variation will be performed.

variation is any movement that differs from the basic step. Ranging in complexity, variations are performed either for reasons of function or for visual flare. Simple variations manipulate the basic step in rudimentary ways. As you become more comfortable, complicated variations build upon these subtle manipulations until the movements you are accomplishing are a far cry from the basic step.

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