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Dance Classes for Seniors

Engage with our friendly community and keep yourself active with our low impact exercises

Weekly Dance Classes for Older Persons in Blacktown

Every Tuesday 

10am - 11am
Woodcroft Neighbourhood Centre, Woodcroft
$5 per person 
No previous dance experience required

2023 Dates
Term 1: 31
st January to 4th April
Term 2: 5thMay to 27th June
Term 3: 18th July to 19th September
Term 4: 10th October to 12th December

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Ballroom dancing is considered a 'low-impact' exercise. Low-impact exercises are movements that are gentle on the joints and can be performed in a fluid motion. The benefits of a low-impact exercise like Ballroom dancing are:

  • improves balance and coordination, which lowers the risk of falling

  • stimulates a healthy appetite

  • promotes a better nights sleep

  • improves muscle strength and flexibility

  • helps prevent illnesses and diseases

  • burns calories and body fat

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • encourages social interaction and boosts self-esteem

  • sharpens concentration and mental acuity, helping to prevent dementia

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing


What do you wear?


If you are a first timer, we advise you to wear clothes that you are able to move freely in (and don't mind getting a little sweaty)! Casual clothes are the way to go. Remember, Ballroom dancing requires a lot of spinning. Skirts or dresses can make spinning easier, but be wary of their ability to be revealing as well.



Flat, comfortable shoes will ensure your ankles are taken care of. Also, consider wearing closed toe shoes, you never know when a partners foot may go rogue.

You can chose to wear heels, but please make sure the heel is securely attached to the shoe itself. Consider your comfort levels, you will be performing light aerobic exercise for an hour.

Elegant Dancers


(02) 8872 1223

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 2pm - 10pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

Studio Location

15/9 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

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