Wedding Dances

You're getting married, that's freaking awesome! First and foremost, from all of us at MWM Dance Studio, Congratulations.

Your wedding dance is all about you. Enjoying your first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by loved ones. Our job is to make sure you have the confidence to perform one of the most important partner dances you'll ever do. Thankfully, we know our stuff.


Instead of teaching you a routine, we teach you how to dance. How to lead, how to follow. There's a couple of reasons why we do this:

  • a fully choreographed routine often results in the entire dance looking robotic, devoid of emotion,

  • if you make an error, it's almost impossible to recover,

  • you can use your dance skills in multiple situations,

  • it allows flexibility to perform dips & lifts and maybe still enjoy a cheeky beverage,

  • it's infinitely easier, putting far less pressure on you. 

Our job doesn't stop here though. We make sure that from the moment you walk onto the dance floor, to the time you walk off it, you know exactly what to expect. Dips, lifts, spins and twirls: it's our job to ensure everything is taken care of.

Through the entire process, we actively collaborate with you to ensure that you are receiving the bridal dance you've always wanted. We believe that learning your first dance should be a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your partner. We also believe that you should not be charged through the nose, just because you are getting married.


Your first lesson is completely complimentary. This allows you to get to know us and our teaching style. Make sure we are right for you.

Each lesson after is $95 for the hour. You will work with your own instructor to perfect your dance at your own pace. 

Lessons are booked at a time convenient to you. No contracts or minimum payment. 


Undecided on your music selection? Check out our list below:

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