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Salsa & Bachata Group Classes & Lessons Sydney

$15 per class p/p. Free for first time attendees. 
No partner required. No past dance experience required.

Dancing Salsa

Every Monday & Wednesday:

Beginners - 7pm

Intermediates - 8pm

Advanced - 7pm (Monday only)

Open Dance Floor - 9pm till late

We get it. Dancing can be hard. Mustering the confidence to get up the dance floor, in front of other people (without the help of a beverage) can be daunting and a little intimidating.

What do you do? How do you move your body to the beat? There's another person here, how do I interact with them? How do I stop myself from looking awkward?

Move With Me Dance Studio's Salsa & Bachata lessons are designed to get you dancing socially in just one class! Our drop-in classes will get even the most 'left footed' individual up and dancing. Our friendly instructors give in depth professional tuition in our own studio, designed specifically to get you up and socially dancing!

Move With Me Dance Studio Dancers

Your First Lesson is Complimentary

We understand that starting a new hobby or joining a new dance studio can be really hard. That's why your first lesson with us is completely free. It gives you the chance to make sure we are the right fit for you.

There are no contracts at MWM. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. No limited time offers. We offer industry leading prices with the mission of making Ballroom Dance accessible to everyone. Ultimately, we as a dance community are happy to have another member of the family. 


Salsa & Bachata are latin dances that will increase your cardio-vascular health without having to run on a treadmill


Our dance community is more like a family. Our classes are fun, lighthearted and welcoming. We host regular events designed to get everyone together.

Mental Health

Partner dance has been proven to improve the quality of life for people with depression as it decreases psychological distress


Dancing is a hobby that people of all ages find exciting and challenging. You are never too young or too old to start dancing!

Confident Social Dancers

Social dancing can be a little different to the type of dancing you see on television or in a movie. Those dance routines are usually choreographed, with each step carefully selected for the music that has been chosen. There are countless hours of practice in a routine to perfect each and every minor movement.

When you are on a dance floor however, you may not have that luxury. Your dance partner could be someone you've met for the first time. The music is a random song chosen by the DJ. It is important to be able to confidently lead & follow. This is the ability to choreograph your own dance on the fly, using body movements that align with style of song and dance.

We teach you the fundamentals of how to socially dance: leading, following, frame, floor connection, styling etc. That way, you can dance with anyone, anywhere.

Dancing Legs
It's a Wooden Floor mate

Purpose Built Dance Studios

Move With Me Dance Studio is a full time Ballroom Dance studio. This is not just a hobby or a side job for us, it is our full time profession. Our studios have been specifically designed for dancers, no community halls or school auditoriums.

Our studio/s are have ample space for numerous couples, state of the art sound equipment, close undercover parking and air conditioning.

It's Your First Time?

In each Beginner class you will learn the 'basic' step, and a variation.

The Basic step can be considered the glue that holds all the other movements together. It is the one action that is considered integral to the entire dance. It is the "base step" for the lady and often provides the lead an opportunity to consider what his next move will be. Followers will always try to accomplish their basic step that is until, a lead is given.

A lead is any change or deviation to the basic step. This can come through a physical manipulation of the connection frame by the Lead/Leader, a visual lead, or by simply communicating verbally with your partner. A lead is required for the follower to know that a variation will be performed.

variation is any movement that differs from the basic step. Ranging in complexity, variations are performed either for reasons of function or for visual flare. Simple variations manipulate the basic step in rudimentary ways. As you become more comfortable, complicated variations build upon these subtle manipulations until the movements you are accomplishing are a far cry from the basic step.

Move With Me Dance Studio Student Feet
Move With Me Dance Studio Salsa Bachata Couple

Drop-In Classes






We here at Move With Me Dance Studio understand that sometimes life gets in the way of a good dance session. That's why we have designed our Group Classes to be drop-in classes. If you miss a lesson, no worries! You will not be left behind. We have structured our classes to emphasise core social dance elements, allowing you to become a confident social dancer without having to sign up to a 'term' or a 'short course'.

But if you are feeling like you want a more personalised dance experience, try one of our Complimentary Private Lessons.

A Little About Salsa & Bachata


Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in New York City with strong influences from Latin America. The movements of salsa have origins in, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo and other dance forms whilst being performed to a fiery, faster tempo.

Salsa Music:
Marc Anthony – Valio La Pena
Celia Cruz – La Vida Es Un Carnaval


Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over the world. The dance is a direct reflection of the music played in the night clubs during the 1960’s.


Bachata Music:
Prince Royce – Darte Un Beso
Xtreme – Te Extrano

For more Salsa & Bachata dance music, check out our Spotify page

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