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Wedding Dance Couple MWM

Wedding & Bridal Dance Lessons

Personalised private dance lessons for your big day

Private Bridal & Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

Avoid the "high school hug" by learning how to dance

You're getting married & that's freaking awesome! First and foremost, from all of us at MWM Dance Studio, Congratulations.

Your wedding dance is all about you. Enjoying your first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by loved ones. Our job is to make sure you have the confidence to perform one of the most important partner dances you'll ever do. However, dance lessons shouldn't just be another item on your checklist. Our private lessons are a great way to distract yourselves from the stress of wedding planning, as well a great opportunity to have a laugh together.

Wedding Dance Couple MWM

Your first dance

Private Wedding Dance Lessons designed to get you comfortable on the dance floor

Father Daughter Dance Couple MWM

Father/Daughter Dance

No more dorky Dad dance steps! Get your Dad confident on the dance floor with personalised private lessons

Gay Couple on their Wedding

Same Sex Couples

A safe and welcoming environment for everyone

Wedding Party MWM

Bridal Party

Why should your bridesmaids and groomsmen miss out on all the fun? 

Wedding Dance Couple MWM

A Comfortable, Natural Looking First Dance

If performing a fully choreographed routine isn't your style, we have the perfect solution for you. Instead of teaching you a routine, we teach you how to dance. How to lead, how to follow. There's a couple of reasons why we do this:

  • a fully choreographed routine often results in the entire dance looking robotic, devoid of emotion,

  • if you make an error, it's almost impossible to recover,

  • you can use your dance skills in multiple situations,

  • it allows flexibility to perform dips & lifts and maybe still enjoy a cheeky beverage,

  • it's infinitely easier, putting far less pressure on you. 

Our job doesn't stop here though. We make sure that from the moment you walk onto the dance floor, to the time you walk off it, you know exactly what to expect. Dips, lifts, spins and twirls: it's our job to ensure everything is taken care of.

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Elegant Dancers

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A Choreographed Masterpiece

A choreographed routine can be the ideal way to really impress your guests.  Knowing exactly what to do during every moment of the song can often help couples immerse themselves in the moment. Our studio's talented dance instructors are hopeless romantics and relish the opportunity to choreograph your dance to the music of your choice.

NOTE: Fully choreographed routines often require more attention to detail, more practice and increased time dedicated to the performance. 

Wedding Dance Couple MWM
Wedding Dance Couple MWM
Tell Us What You Want

Through the entire process, we actively collaborate with you to ensure that you are receiving the bridal dance you've always wanted.

If you find a great move that you would like to incorporate into your dance, feel free to tell us! (maybe warn us if there is a 'Dirty Dancing' style lift).  We encourage an open line of communication so our couples are as prepared for their dance. We also encourage our couples to film their instructors performing their routine, as an additional layer of preparation.

We believe that learning your first dance should be a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your partner. Often it can be a respite away from the stress of planning a wedding. 

Same Sex Wedding Dances

The only prerequisite we have for any couple is the desire to learn how to dance. We look forward to a day where a subheading like the above is truly unnecessary. We warmly welcome any same sex couple to our studio and would be honoured to teach you your dance.

Gay and lesbian couples still need wedding dance lessons if they’re going to be ready for their big day, and that’s where we step in. We offer a safe and welcoming space where anyone can come learn and share in our passion for everything dance!

Wedding Dance Couple MWM

Your first lesson is completely complimentary. This allows you to get to know us and our teaching style. Make sure we are right for you.

Each lesson after is $110 for the hour. You will work with your own instructor to perfect your dance at your own pace. 

Lessons are booked at a time convenient to you. No contracts or minimum payment. Our studios are open 6 days a week making it quite convenient to find the perfect time to dance.

When To Start Your Wedding Dance Lessons

3 months before the wedding would be a good time to start dance lessons which will allow you to get comfortable with the routine and make a decision on how many lessons you think you will need and how often you would like them whether it is weekly or fortnightly etc. Apart from learning a specialised choreographed routine, starting 3 months before the wedding may even allow you to learn some moves for the reception.

You will be able to learn some basic dance steps, twirls, dips and lifts or whatever you choose to put together an amazing choreographed routine that will look natural and romantic for your special dance.

On your first dance lesson, it’s always a good idea to discuss what you are wanting to get out of your dance and if you have any special requests. The amount of time required to master a dance does depend on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it, both in the lesson and practising at home. Talk to one of our friendly instructors about your wedding dance lessons and we can map out a suitable time table to ensure your dance is memorable on your big day!

Choosing Your Song For Your Wedding Dance

The song you choose for your first wedding dance should mean something and be special to both of you. If you don’t have a special song, that’s ok too, but I would strongly suggest having something picked before your first dance lesson to eliminate any time wasted you could be spending on your dance. Even though the bride and groom may have different taste in music, my advice would be to pick something you BOTH like.

If you are struggling to choose just one song, bring your top 2 or 3 choices to your first dance lesson and we can discuss what would work best for you.

Sometimes your favourite song just won’t work for a first dance. It may be too fast, or the music may be designed for a dance with a higher degree of difficulty. At your first dance lesson, we are happy to give our insight into which song/s would work best for your first dance.

Do we need to dance for the whole song?

Keep it simple! With so many things to think about on the day, you don’t want to be worrying about remembering a long dance routine! Keep it short and sweet. The average song is about 3-minutes long. If you have picked a song that’s longer than that and you don’t want to dance for the entire song, you can either have the DJ fade it out at the 3-minute mark or have it professionally cut.

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