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Social Dancing Events & Practice Nights, Sydney

Ballroom & Latin social dance nights for beginners and experienced dancers

Move With Me Dance Studio is proud to host our monthly 'Social Saturday' events. Once a month on a Saturday night, we open up our dance floor to the greater dance community for a fun and friendly night of dance, great company & amazing music.

Our Social Dance Saturdays are open to everyone. Whether it's you've just started learning how to dance or are an experienced competitive dancer, our social events welcome all dancers.

You do not need a partner to attend our Socials. Smart, casual dress is the recommended dress code (however, we do occasionally theme our social nights!). Please avoid leather soled shoes as they do tend to mark up the dance floor.

Light finger food will be provided. BYO, but please remember that a drunk dancer isn't always a good dancer! 

Dancing in night club

MWM's Social Saturday Calendar 2024

January 27th - Australia Day theme

February 17th - Valentine's Day theme

March 23rd

April 27th

May 25th

June 22nd

July 20th

August 17th (ASARC)

September 21st

October 19th - Halloween theme

November 9th

December 14th - Christmas theme

New Friends

Meet the entire Move With Me Dance Family, students from Group Classes & Private Lessons attend our dance socials.

new Dancers

Dancing with new people gives you the opportunity to refine your skill set as a social dancer. Every lead/follow is different!

build confidence

You become a better dancer by dancing with dancers who are better then yourself.

Our dance community is always willing to help other dancers succeed.


3.5 hrs of dancing will build your fitness levels pretty quickly. Oh, you're gonna sweat.

Floor craft

Leads, by dancing on a crowded dance floor with other students of different levels, you’ll learn to navigate the dance floor gracefully and with ease.

Access Our Entire Music Catelogue at Home

We are huge proponents of making sure our students have access to as much content as we can provide. That is why we make our Social Saturday playlists accessible for FREE, through the online streaming platform Spotify.

Take the joy of our Socials to comfort of your own home. It is a fantastic way to practice along to all of your favourite performing artists while testing your Ballroom acumen.

Pro Tip: Try and match the song to the particular dance style!


A Safe Ballroom Dance Environment

Much like most things in life, the key to Ballroom success is repetition. Practice does indeed make perfect, well, as long as you are practicing the correct techniques. While cracking out your dance skills at the local RSL is awesome, it's rare you will find the local band playing a Tango or a Waltz.

Move With Me Dance Studio's Social Saturdays provide ample floor space (over 2oom²) and is guaranteed to give you the opportunity to dance all of your favourite American/International style dances as well as many popular Club dances. 

We give you open access to the dance floor for close to 4 hours playing over 65 songs featuring dance styles such as Waltz, Swing, Tango, Salsa & many many more.​ Our industry renown instructors are also make sure you never miss an opportunity to dance!

Making Social Dancing Easier

We've hosted a lot of social dance parties over the years and one of the most common questions asked is:

"what dance style is this song?"

Eventually, each dancer will be able to answer this question for themselves. But rest assured, it does take a little while to understand how to read the music. 

But just to make life easier, we've solved that problem for you. At each Social, we provide a detailed run sheet of each song, performing artist and appropriate dance style.

We also back our run sheets up with a live application run on 2 public facing screens that will tell you the current song and dance style.


All Your Favourite Dance Styles

Our playlists are expertly crafted to give you the most out of your social experience. That is why we make sure that all American Smooth & Rhythm dances are represented on the night. We even throw in a few additional dance styles as well! The more exposure you have to a dance style you have, the better you become. We make sure we play music for the following dance styles:

Your Social Dance Community

Dancing in front of other people can be a little intimidating, especially if it is your first time. We are lucky here at MWM because our dance community, often referred to as our 'dance family', makes for a safe and welcoming environment for first time dancers.

We understand that social dancing is more than just dancing, it's about friendship, community and having a good ol' chin wag Dancers of all skill sets are welcome: from absolute Beginners to Professionals. 

Our Social dance nights welcome dancers from other dance studios as well! No matter where you've learned to dance, we are happy to have you practicing your moves on our dance floor.

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