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Dance Floor Hire
Hire and install your own dance floor at a fraction of the price

Wedding & Event Portable Dance Floor Hire, Sydney

Providing Sydney with convenient solutions to your portable dance floor needs. Our flooring is customisable to suit your event space. Easy and intuitive self installation. Flexible hire lengths. Competitive pricing. 

Portable Dance Floor

Classic Look

Our Maple floor provides a neutral appearence perfect for events, weddings & parties

Portable Dance Floor Wedding


Each tile is 3' x 3' & weighs a mere 7kg. You can transport them in your own vehicle

Portable Dance Floor Hire

Time effective

Easy installation means less time spent installation & removal

Dance Floors Hire


Each tile is 100% water resistant with industrial grade surfaces for easy cleaning

Great for Dancers

Move With Me Dance Studio frequently uses these portable dance floors for our in house dance events. The major benefits we have found using these floros are:


  • can be installed ontop of most surfaces such as carpet, concrete, wood and tile 

  • each tile has an incredible amount of cushion, protecting a dancers body from any discomfort 

  • accoustically quiet 

  • low friction vinyl surface

  • tile joins are barely noticable and present no tripping hazards

  • water resistant

High Quality, Cheap Price

Standard industry costs for a portable dance floor can be a steep, There can be hidden costs assosciated with hire such as installation & delivery fees, damage waivers and even additional charges for venues with stairs.


We are happy to provide our floors at competitive price so you can focus on your event. Save yourself additional fees through self installation and transport. 


Interlocking Floor Tiles

Our floors use a positive locking system, the most advanced and durable interlocking system in the industry. This system is specifically designed to perform all day, every day - year after year.


Four locks per edge are the magic formula for easy installation, removal, durability, and staying engaged over various terrain. Don’t be misled; it’s not the number of locks but how well the locks work.

Your First Dance

Having a wonderful dance floor will transform your venue into the magical vision you imagined. Your first dance together as husband and wife in front of all your family and loved ones is a special occasion all on its own, to enhance and create the ultimate Instagram worthy image try adding a wedding dance floor.

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