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Move With Me Dance Studio

Private Dance Lessons

Fast track your skills with your own dance instructor

Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons Castle Hill

Personally tailored dance tuition to help achieve your dance goals 

Move With Me Dance Studio primarily teaches through private lessons. Here, you work one-on-one (or one-on-two) with your very own instructor. With an instructor, the focus is on you. Your development. Your skillset. A personalised dance experience. It is a great way to fast track your dance progression.

A standard private lesson consists of:

  • your dance instructor taking you through previously learned dance steps and abilities

  • introducing new concepts, techniques and syllabus progression points

  • focusing and refining concepts through practice, allowing your instructor to provide personalised feedback

Move With Me Dance Studio

Why Private Lessons?

Sensual Dancing

Everyone has different goals, body types and learning styles. Private lessons account for all of these factors and are designed to meet your specific goals as a Ballroom dancer.

Move With Me Dance Studio
Faster Progression

When working one-on-one with an instructor, they can focus on you individually. The detail and technique given in a private lesson far surpasses that of a group class. 

Move With Me Dance Studio

You have the privacy & comfort of having the instructors attention all to yourself. As a bonus, you can schedule a time that's convenient to you!

Move With Me Dance Studio Dancers

Your First Lesson is Complimentary

We understand that starting a new hobby or joining a new dance studio can be really hard. That's why your first lesson with us is completely free. It gives you the chance to make sure we are the right fit for you.

There are no contracts at MWM. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. No limited time offers. We offer industry leading prices with the mission of making Ballroom Dance accessible to everyone. Ultimately, we as a dance community are happy to have another member of the family. 

Achieve Your Dance Goals

At Move With Me Dance Studio, we understand how important it is to set goals. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Our students have varied goals when taking private lessons:

  • improve their social dancing repertoire,

  • become a competitive dancer and compete on a National Level,

  • learn to master a tricky move learned in a Group Class,

  • create a knock out Wedding Dance,

  • nail the choreography for your performance in our Annual Showcase Ball,

  • improve your general posture and core strength,

  • increase your incidental exercise while having loads of fun!

Move With Me Dance Studio
Move With Me Dance Studio

Award Winning Instructors

Move With Me Dance Studio instructors are fantastic dancers. But great dancers and great dance instructors aren't always the same thing. 

That is why our instructors receive consistent training from industry professionals. It is extremely important that a dance professional remains in a state of learning. This allows them to have an up-to-date skill set while remaining empathetic to their students needs.

And because our instructors are employed to teach, not sell, you can expect a warm and friendly approach to your dance lessons! 

Choose What Works Best For You

We want to make your dance journey as easy and as accessible as we can. That's why your private lessons are booked at a time convenient to you. 

You should never feel obligated to dance, that's why all of our Private Lessons, Group Classes, Wedding Dance Lessons and Social are pay-as-you go. No need to buy a 'package'.

Better yet, our goal is to make you the best dancer possible. We implore our students to film content whenever they can. All of the dance steps we teach are completely accessible online through - the largest and most respected producer of ballroom dance educational materials in the world.

We've even got our own little video library, FREE for everyone here!

Move With Me Dance Studio

Competitive Dance Outlets

Where can you take your need found Ballroom Dancing skills?

Move With Me Dance Studio

American Smooth & Rhythm Dance & Competition

Compete on a National Level at Australia's Largest American Smooth & Rhythm Competitive Event

Dancevision App Icon

What is a 'Dance Syllabus'?

Students of any variety tend to learn content faster and more effectively when using a scholastic approach. Much like a school uses a Government approved syllabus, Move With Me Dance Studio uses internationally renown Ballroom Dance Syllabuses from Dancevision.

Each style is broken down into 3 level tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Each level has subsequent steps with each step introducing new techniques, skills or amalgamations to further the students progression.

Dancevision's online library is accessible to everyone, giving our students an advantage with instant access to all of their dance steps & extra curricular materials.

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