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About MWM

Learn about Move With Me's dance philosophy and approach

Move With Me Dance Studio is our opportunity to provide you with expert dance tuition that is focussed on your dance goals. Having worked in numerous dance studios around Australia, our instructors have been given unique insight into how to provide the best possible Ballroom experience. We realised that to create the best possible experience for our students we must be accomplishing the following:

1. Education

2. Environment

3. Entertainment

Ryan Herbert Move With Me Dance Studio

1. Education


MWM provides you with premium Ballroom Dance tuition by continually trying to improve our own dance & teaching abilities. Our instructors are highly trained ballroom dance experts and are always hard at work either upskilling or training with industry leaders to make sure you have the best possible dance tuition.


We understand that everyone learns in different ways and our instructors are trained to make sure we use the correct teaching style to suit you. We are always on the look out for instructors who can add even more expertise to our community.


MWM uses a dance syllabus that you have complete access to: DanceVision. This gives you the chance to practice at home and holds our instructors accountable for what they teach.

2. Environment

If your are not in a comfortable environment when learning something new, it can be impossible to remember things. MWM has adopted the 'Cheers' approach:

♫ Where everybody knows your name And they're always glad you came! ♫


We love getting to know our students and our dance community feeling more like a family. We hope our studio feels like a second home, where you can happily laugh at yourself for making a mistake. We are not a sales orientated studio either and we refuse to have sales quotas for our instructors. We made the decision to keep our pricing competitive to mitigate any compounded stress while learning.

Move With Me Dance Studio
Entertainment Move With Me Dance Studio

3. Entertainment

While we do take dance serious, dance should always be fun, light hearted and never too serious! We strive to make sure you always leave the studio happier than when you arrived.

While knowing your dance steps is a requirement of every good dance studio, it is our belief that an excellent studio is able to deliver that content in a accessible and flexible way. It demonstrates a higher level of understanding and allows us to design personalised methods of teaching. The way we do this is through humour, humility and a little levity whilst still showing due respect to the dance industry. Our instructors are patient and respectful during the learning process. We understand that mistakes are not only helpful but provide awesome learning opportunities. 

Ryan Herbert Move With Me Dance Studio

Find out more about my own personal dance journey below.

Hope to see you on the dance floor!

Ryan Herbert

Owner of Move With Me Dance Studio

Move With Me Dance Studio is the culmination of years of passion, frustration and desire to create a studio that is different to the rest. A studio that isn’t afraid to do things a little different. A studio that focuses on the progression of the student, providing expert tutelage and creating a harmonious learning environment with a dash of humour to lighten the atmosphere!

Move With Me Dance Studio
Move With Me Dance Studio

I was extremely excited when I was offered a chance to become a dance instructor. I had started dancing with the goal of learning something fun, refined and entertaining. Also, I had seen the delightful Richard Gere film “Shall We Dance?” (2004) and absolutely loved the reason behind why the lead character chose to dance. He wanted that little bit extra out of life. Over the next few years I was given the opportunity to live out a passion of mine. I sacrificed everything to do this: worked every shift, much to the chagrin of anyone in my social/personal life. But I loved it. Work did not feel like work, I was paid to dance, have fun and entertain. I was paid to make people feel ecstatic about dance.

At the beginning of 2016 I was left with a heartbreaking decision. Leave the industry that I had fallen in love with or take a gamble. That gamble: to establish my own brand, my own style, my way of sharing my love for dance with anyone and everyone!

We started out teaching group classes from the local tavern. That first class was very humbling. Four people turned up (one of them was my mother)! But we continued on and with time, we gained a loyal following of like minded dancers who shared a passion for dance. With the encouragement of the community we had grown, I opened the Move With Me Dance Studio.

Move With Me Dance Studio
Move With Me Dance Studio

It’s been almost 5 years since we opened the studio and we have achieved an incredible amount. These humble brags include:

  • competed and won on a National Level (including top prizes for both students and teachers),

  • hosted Annual Showcases since 2016,

  • created our Annual Grading Event to offer students an unprecedented level of feedback on their dancing,

  • started community based dance programs with the Blacktown Seniors Community, Diabetes Western Sydney & Flintwood Disability Services,

  • performed in charity events such as 'Stars of Parramatta'.

We have focused on delivering a service that nurtures an individuals' passion, rather then exploiting it. Our community of dancers are enthusiastic about dance and are just as enthusiastic to share their experience with other people. I have never seen a demographic so diverse, yet so harmonious.

When I started dancing, I was just looking for a challenge, a distraction, an outlet from life. What I got was a life long passion. My self confidence has sky rocketed, I’ve managed to lose a lot of weight (70kg!) & I get to do something I love for work. Move With Me is my chance to share all of this with you.

Elegant Dancers


(02) 8872 1223

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 2pm - 10pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

Studio Location

15/9 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

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